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The main functions description:

1. SA-O alarm host and its accessories have self-check functions, it will self check one time per 12 hours.
2. Leaving-ground alarm: When there is somebody illegally moves the alarm host, the alarm host will immediately alarm with high decibel and also dial the pre-set telephone numbers.
3. Telephone line anti-cut function: when there is somebody illegally cut the telephone line. The alarm host will alarm with high decibel and can dial the telephone numbers through the neighbors alarm within 100M distance (the distance depends on the environment) .
4. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery with high capacitance, when there is a power cut, it can last at least 72 hours.
5. Accessories have low power indication function, once there is a power off, the system will immediately inform the alarm center. All the batteries in this system are intelligently rechargeable and dischargeable. This makes the batteries have longer life.
6. 40 zones with LCD display (32 wireless zones and 8 wired zones) . It adopted double zones technology, in total can pre-store 6 groups of telephone numbers.
7. Learning code: there is wireless connection between detectors and alarm host.
8. SA-O system can program 3 groups of time to timely arm or disarm the alarm system.
9. It has the zones display, in this case, you can exactly know the alarm location.
10. Siren hooting time: the time can be set from 1 to 30 minutes. It will non-stopped hooting if over 30 minutes.
11. Time delay to arm, which can be set from 0 to 99 seconds;
12. Time delay to alarm, which can be set from 0 to 99 seconds.
13. Remotely controls siren ON/OFF
14. Remotely controls disarm/arm.
15. Wireless system, easy installation.
16. SA-O alarm host can test the alarm center for checking whether the connection is well.
17. Spot hooting selectable: mute/sound
18. Intelligently identify whether the user already answered the alarm calling, once answered, it will not dial the numbers again.
19. It has the priority to occupy the telephone
20. Monitoring function: After input the password, you can clearly hear what is happening.
21. Can remotely prolong or shorten the monitoring time. The alarm center after received the alarm
signal, it can start the monitoring function within 10 minutes.
22. Under duress alarm function: it can know whether the users are in danger thought specific start mode. For Example: kidnap or is hold under duress etc. in this case, we can timely inform the policemen.
23. Personalized easy operation.
24. It has the telephone extension jack.
25. This system has emergency help signal real-time check function, it means when you are at home alone, if there is any emergency. It will send out 4 kinds of emergency signals (fire alarm, burglar alarm,
26. Information protection function: it can reserve 100 history records.
27. AC/DC power auto switch function.
28.The whole system is available for burglarproof, anti-robbers, fire protection and against hoodlum etc.
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