Sell Wireless intelligent burglar alarm system

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1. Protection different zone: 13 zones (hidden in the panel) 2. Each zone can be put more sensors. 3. Partial disarmed optional by remote control. One keypad easy to partial disarm some sensors. 4. Auto-dial up 6 phone numbers and recycle to repeat unless confirmed. 5. Store voice recorded message (10 second) , it can be recovered. When received alarm message, it speaks as you spoken. 6. UPS adaptor to back up AC power: >36 hours. Auto-switch if AC power is off. 7. Telephone manage the alarm system, convenience 8. Phone trunks protected to avoid any designing destroy. 9. Audible / mute siren optional. 10. When received alarm call, you can press the keypad on the phone to disarm/arm/ monitoring/start on/off siren All panels can connect with the alarm receipt managing centre.
Specification:1. Wireless frequency: two option: 433MHz or 315MHz2. An adaptor: option: Input electricity from 110 ACV~240 ACV, customized. Adaptor choosing: two round pins, two flat pins, three pins, customized3. Wireless receiving distance in open place: >200m, indoor: 30~50m, (depend on the surrounding environment and wireless interference)4. Standby current: <20mA5. Alarm volume: external siren: 110~120 dB
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