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Compared to other materials, it has the most competitive advantages in the market.
1, Appearance
It is exquisite in appearance and is full of various wood grains. The effect of imitating the wood is remarkable and has no light pollution at all. It still enjoys the merits of steel. Furthermore, the natural and ecological wood grain will draw peoples attention definitely.
2, Practicality
It is practical, rot-resistant and excellent in intensity. There is no such a material can have these advantages. With the florin carbon component, its weather and wear resistance are the best among all exterior wood grain products.
3, Price
Compared to other materials, its main advantage is more apparently in the long run. That is, it has absolute advantage in price compared with the aluminum alloy, stainless steel pipes and it has the obvious comprehensive cost advantage compared with the corrosion resistant wood.
4, Duality
Generally, the service life of the corrosion resistant wood is around 4 years while the florin carbon coating pipes is more than 20 years.
Supply Capacity
10,000,000 Meters per year
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
Warranty Coverage
20 Years