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The wood lamp equipment protects your skin. A Wood's lamp is a diagnostic tool used in dermatology by which ultraviolet light is shined (at a wavelength of approximately 365 nanometers) onto the skin of the patient; a technician then observes any subsequent fluorescence. For example, porphyrins  associated with some skin diseases  will fluoresce pink. Though the technique for producing a source of ultaviolet light was devised by Robert Williams Wood in 1903 using "Wood's glass", it wasn't until 1925 that the technique was used in dermatology by Margarot and Deveze for the detection of fungal infection of hair.

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1. After cleansing skin, cover client's eyes with wet cotton.

2. Secure cover shade to wood lamp.

3. Completely cover client's face with cover shade. The wood lamp should parallel to client's face with distance of 15 -20cm.

4. Identify different skin characteristics by appearances of different colors under the ultraviolet ray.
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