Sell Wooden Pine Doors

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Internal Pine Doors
We offer you Long-Life, Strength and Beauty doors.
 Durability is guaranteed by the use of carefully selected seasoned timber components and
a highly extensive controlled procedure of dryness process.
 Optimum door strength is assured by a combination of craftsmanship and high level of
quality control exercised through all doors joinery process stage where lumber are
controlled kiln dried, chopping sharp, well tight glued jointed and sanded smoothly so that,
to have a finished unique door.
 As a result, you are offered a product that excels in its design, modern and creativity which
will give you a perfect combination of beauty and functional ability.
Wood Species

Elliottis pine is the main softwood use to craft unique standard collection doors. All timber components are made from selected fully seasoned solid pine timber. Nevertheless, any other softwood or hardwood species may be considered to satisfy customer made requirement. We will be pleased you let us know your thoughts. Do not hesitate in contact us sending an email. Click here please


Mortise & Tenon, Doweled glued joint

Dowel construction is prefered to craft standard collection doors. Dowel makes difference to strengthen doors joints. All door joints are well made, tight and a smooth excellent finish. Engineered components are used in the clear pine doors.

Our doors appearance are free from splits, cracks, dead-filled knots and blue stain. All doors are flat and free from twist and well sanded ready for painting or varnishing. Doors surface are clean from dust prior to packing one by one into a tight and well sealed shrink wrapped polyethylene bag.

Elliottis Pine Wooden Doors Specifications

Thickness can be 35 and/or 40 mm. . Moisture content is 6 % to 12 % at time of fabrication. Our Working processes are carried out to specific client requirements, using modern, state-of-the-art equipment and tools. In this case drawings are required prior to quote.
Shipping Delivery

Usually, a 40 ft load Container fits about thousand doors considering 67 doors per pallet not permitting free doors on top. For the 20 ft container may be loaded 405 up to 500 doors. Of course, It depends on doors specifications of wide and quantities by each pattern. In some cases, the doors are exported in pallets containing only 30 doors.

Goods are shipping through Itajai-SC port near 300 kilometer far from our plant. Alternatively, it may used Sco Francisco do Sul-SC as secondary port. This permit us to have a reliable delivery service to all importers countries, fast and safe and always meeting the agreed deadline.
Thus, we are proud to export our top quality products to countries around the world including England, USA, Israel, Spain and the Caribbean's among others.