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Size: 16 x 4cm

Material: Jinsi wood

Note: The Four Beauties are 4 chinese women who renowned for their most beauty in legendary ancient China. Their names are: Wang Zhaojun, Xi Shi, Yang Yuhuan, Diao Chan (from left to right) . They have remained famous because of their effect on the emperors and kings with whom they were involved.

The art of comb-making is said to have existed at least 4,000 years ago. Wooden combs are mainly made of precious wood, such as boxwood, sandal wood, cherry wood and Nanmu. They are used not only for hair but also for general health care, as no static, brushing hair daily using a wooden comb can smooth hair, care scalp, preventing hair-loss, and also stimulate head surface blood circulation for a clearer mind and preventing insomnia and giddiness.

All our combs are handmade and famed for good workmanship and quality materials, there are many kinds of pattern which show traditional Chinese culture, our comb is not only a necessity for daily use but also a nice gift for friends.
16 x 4cm
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2-3 weeks
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50 sets
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