Sell Wool

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Stud master Mr Robert Coddington pioneered the Elete Wool in Australia these undiscovered wools spin better, are softer, have more elasticity than other wools.

The Stud is the only Stud in Australia to top the 3 States Ram sales in the one year Melbourne $46,000, Dubbo $27,000 and Adelaide $37,000.

Mr Robert Coddington now has his buyer trained to purchase wool from his clients that all fleeces are individually micron and tested for comfort factor. all wools with stong fibres are discarded.
Fabrics made up from this method have been tailored by leading taylors all over the world.
I aldo can give advice to mills on how to use this elete wool.
Who ever buys this Elete wool will become a leader in fabrics for the fashion industry.
My team is looking forward to working with you.
Samples of my sires wool can be forwarded to you for you to feel the unique softness.
Once agreement has been made for me to purchase been reached I will need a LOI and a BCL after signing a NCND agreement.
I look forward in marketing the Fabric as I have customers waiting for more fabric.
We lookm forward to training and working with REAL go ahead buyers that are financially capable of making thins happen.

Supply Capacity
All that you require
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Minimum Order Quantity
100 bales