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Work Force Pure Plant enzymes are one of the best and strongest enzymes on the market today. These clean your blood and digest food in about 1/2 hour. Enzymes are involved in repairing the body when it is damaged, they break dowm metabolic waste and the by products of cells. They kill free radicals and they split off unwanted molecules from nutrients and add necessary ones. Most of the food that we eat is overcooked killing the enzymes that were in it and over 80% of the average american diet is processed food. We cannot live without enzymes!!!! We need to get them from somewhere that is why we formulated this one. These come in 270 count or 90 count. In a 400 mg capsule it contains Protease(digests proteins) , Amylase(digests complex carbohydrates) , Lipases(digests fats) , Cellulase(digests fiber) , Sucrase(digests complex and simple sugars) , Maltase(digests complex and simple sugars) , Lactase(digests milk and fat solids) , and Bromelain(breaks down and dissolves proteins) . Also includes ionic minerals 15 mg and magnesiun sterate 2 mg. These are wonderful to take for maintance and when you feel a cold coming on take more. Kids can also take these. These come in a case of 12. They also come in a 90 count bottle or a 270 count bottle the 270 count bottle is 22.50 and the 90 count bottle is 12.50
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Workforce pure plant enzymes
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