Sell World Unique 3D Interior Covering & Panoramic Murals

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CIC created revolutionarily pioneers the contemporary needs for imaginative futuristic wall arts. The competitive edge of CIC lies in full of creativeness for dynamically panoramic 3D designs and its high resolution manufacturing knowhow. On our web cybertex. co. kr you can meet the fantastic world of solid fluor-picture panoramas of the world largest artist collections.

CIC can be said as the second generation artist collection with full line up of attractive and inventive themes of 3D graphics. We have been continuously refurbishing the quality of the product to sharpen 3D effects and improve usability of the product. Moreover CIC is getting abundant in the resources as the world largest collections and competitive in its selling cost by diversifying outsourcing of accessorial part of its futuristic line up. It is our target to refurbish rather old designs in themes and techniques and carry inclusive collections over than 100 models of international quality by the end of the year. On the other hand, we are collaborating with the distributors to develop localized themes to boost the sales by introducing uniquely favorite designs in each country.

APPLICATIONS: CIC becomes contemporary trendy interior decoration, economic but stylish,
Cyber Space: Cyber Cafe, Game Room, PC Salon, Casino, Billiards Room, Rock Cafi, etc.
Cyber Entertainment: Karaoke, Sing a Song Cafe, Salon, Pub, HOF, Restaurant, Disco Deck, Private Club, Night Club, Jazz Bar, Motel, Hotel, Theater, Video Room, Hospitality Industries, etc.
Cyber Show Room: Fair, Exhibition, Show Room, Gallery, etc.
Cyber Fancy Shops & Amusement: Fancy shop, Toy Chain, Amusement Park, Space Shuttle, Virtual Experience Kindergarten, Kid's Room, etc.
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