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(1) BUFFERING START AND STOP: when the turntable starts running too fast staring speed may cause upper package dropping. To avoid such problem, this machine is designed with a buffering start with variable speed adjustment.
(2) PARYIAL WRAPPING REINFORCEMENT: The machine features a partial wrapping reinforcement design to increase wrapping strength on part of a package.
(3) TURNTABLE POSITIONG: The turntable positing automatically to ensure positioning accuracy.
(4) SELF-PROTECTION SWITCH: In case the height limit control switch is damaged, the film carriage will not stop at the top position resulting in serious machine damage. For safety sake this machine is equipped with a self-protection switch to eliminate the danger cause by unexpected damage of limit switch.
(5) PHOTOCELL SENSING DEVICE: The machine employs an advanced photocell sensor to detect the package height.
(6) VARIABLE SPEED ADJUSTMENT: The turntable speed and film head speed can be varied to suit various wrapping density on the product.
(7) FILM TENSION CONTROL: A machine flexible braking is applied for film tension control.
(8) WRAPPING METHOD: The machine allows for manual wrapping vertically.
Technical Parameter:
Model No. YP-8156
Turntable diameter 1500mm
Max. Wrapping height 1500mm
Max. Wrapping area 1300x1300mm
Max. Wrapping weight 2000Kges
Turntable speed 0-3m/min
Film elevation speed 20
Motor 1 HP, 1/8HP
Machine dimensions 2600x1500x2400mm
Weight 500Kg
Brand Name
Available Colors
red and blue
Condition of Goods
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Terms of Payment
T/T or L/C
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