Sell Wrist type Mosquito Repeller AR110

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Work Principle
1. Science proves that only the male mosquito is at breeding to expect would bite person and animal to feed its insect egg. However, in this period, the female mosquito dislikes the male mosquito to contact it. This product thereby accordingly to this principle, produces ultrasonic that simulating male mosquito sent out, attains a purpose of repelling mosquito that bites person.
2. Dragonfly is the natural enemy of mosquito, this product simulates the sound that dragonfly sent out when flapping wings to rise, attaining to repel each kind of mosquito thus.

1. This product widely applies in family, dining room, hotel, hospital, office building, storage, farm and other indoor place use.
2. The product can effectively repell mosquito in a range of about 40 square meters.