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1) It owns the simple management for the circuits so that it is easy to debug and install. It only contains a Siemens PLC system and two highly integrated circuit boards. Besides, Most of the operations, such as rotating goniometric control, computer interface, X-ray generator control and signals collection, are controlled by software. This greatly simplifies the hardware system and reduces the failure rate of the system. Compared with ours, other diffractometers recording control systems are still using complex single-chip circuit, which makes debugging and repairing more difficult. Besides, their instruments have high failure rate and complicated structures. Most of their products contain 16 single-chips circuit board and some components, like integrated chips, are still taking Philips technology in 1970s.

2) The system is very easy to maintain due to its modular design. Users can achieve the maintenance and debugging independently without the supervision of technical personnel.

3) The use of advanced real color touch screen provides special functions, such as human-computer interaction, full protections and easy operations. The three-dimensional animation design makes the operating process more user-friendly and more intuitive. It is easy for operators to use the instruments and also, can help them to find useful information when problem happens.

4) It greatly improves the stability of the calculation system, thereby enhancing the comprehensive stability of the whole instrument.

5) The powerful extendable capacity of PLC can easily introduce many other multi-function attachments without applying additional hardware.

6) The instruments apply a unique high-voltage safety device to control the voltage during the process of sample testing. For example, when users test the sample at 40Kv, 40mA, the safety device will automatically reduce the voltage to 30kV, 20mA. When the lead door is open, the voltage automatically reduces to 10kV, 5mA. When the lead door is closed, the voltage automatically rises up to 30kV, 20mA. The Opening and closing of the shutter is consistent with that of lead door. If the lead door is accidentally opened in the process of data collection, the shutter will be turned off automatically. At the same time, the voltage goes down to 10kV, 5mA and data collection stops. The data collection will continue if the door is then closed
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