Sell X-Ray machine(COT-030)

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This machine greatly improved its efficiency by using the high frequency reverse technology. The stable and accurate output of kV and mA never change with the fluctuating power, the ripple coefficient is very small, so it is more suitable for variant power supply than 50Hz ( the industrial frequency in China) X-ray machine. . Most of the 50Hz X-ray machine working way is half wave self-commutating or wave commutating, the value of kV is peak value. When the power alters at the rate of 50Hz, the radiation output changes accordingly, that is to say the radiation is fluctuating. What's more, the neighboring peak value of radiation wave is useful and can generate the diagnosis image, the most resting radial are weak and disperse which can not be helpful to the diagnosis image and they will influence the clearance of the image. The patients and working staff are also subject to be suffered by the radiation. Comparatively, the high frequency X-ray machine works better and the harmfulness is very small. Almost all the developed countries has washed out them and adopted the high frequency X-ray machine.
COT-30 has clear image and is convenient for diagnosis, it is suitable for finger, arm, elbow, shoulder joint, chest, neck vertebra, nose, head, foot, toes, foot ankle, calf, knee, thighbone, coax joint and lumbar, etc.