Sell X-ray Detection Apparatus(CX6550B)

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The apparatus passway is 660mm wide, 505mm high. Its belt conveyer is 646 mm above the ground. Its max load is 160kg. It's an idea package inspection apparatus at the airport, customer, railway station, port and storehouse.

Basic Index
Passway Size: 660mm(W) *505mm(H)
Delivering speed: 0.20m/s
Max load: 160kg (220V single phase)
Line recognition: 38 AWG (0.1mm diameter metal line)
Penetration (iron) : 25mm(guaranteed) , 30mm(classical)
Image collecting system
Picture display: Black/white, multi-energy inorganic and organic matter elimination, super enhance, inverse, transparent, high-energy and low-energy penetration.
Area selection and zoom: any area, 2-8 times continuous zooming

Installation Data
Leaking dose rate: less than 1 5Sv /hour (5cm away from the shell) , conform to all related
Outer size: 2420(L) *926(W) *1325(H) mm
Weight/packing weight: 600kg
Storing temperature/relative humidity: -20 ~ +50 /10 ~ 95% without condense
operation temperature/relative humiditiy: -20 ~ +45 /10 ~ 95% without condense
Supply Capacity
60 units per month
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
20 days
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment