Sell X-ray unit

X-ray unit
1. Three kinds of KV adjustments, satisfy different of the req uirments, easy operation
2. With micro-processer reasenable setting can be set according to the situations
3. Long distance no line and direction remote, convenient to use
4. Intedligency controle makes the detail of mage for the micro-focus X-Ray tube
5. Lower radiation leakage, safe to use
Technical data
1. electric conditior:Ac220v+-10%50HZ
2. x-Ray tube voltage and current: 60kv-0.50mA;50kv-0.85mA; 70kv-1.10mA
3. setting time range:0.01-2.00s
4. x-ray spot:0.3 x 0.3mm2
5. radiation leakage:.0.002mly/h(standard stipulated is 0.25mgy/h)
6. total filtration valve:1.5mmAL
7. The focal distance:200mm