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XB-1302 Stackable Syringe Pump is designed for delivery of anesthetics drugs by target-controlled infusion according to pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and the experience in clinical use. It makes use of the integration of the technology of micro-processor control and precise manufacture. It is available for performing an intravenous analgesia infusion.

Functions and Features:
(1) Operation modes: Plasma target controlled infusion mode, Effect site target controlled infusion mode, Flow rate controlled infusion mode.
A) Plasma target controlled Infusion mode enables users to set the target plasma concentration, Effect site target Controlled Infusion mode enables users to set the target effect site concentration. The pump delivers drugs to maintain the desired concentration according to the pharmacokinetic model. The Infusion rates are altered automatically
B) Flow rate controlled infusion mode: It enables the users to control the infusion by setting the flow rate. There are seven flow rate units of available such as ml/h, mg/h, ug/h, mg/kg/h, mg/kg/min, ug/kg/h, ug/kg/min.
(2) Closed-loop Target-Controlled Infusion: Connected to a specified anesthetic depth monitor (Aspect A2000/3000 BIS monitor) with RS232, the pump can adjust the target plasma or effect site concentration automatically according to the feedback from the monitor.
(3) Bolus function: Help patients to past the stimulative phase safely and steadily.
(4) KVO function: Automatically start the KVO(keep the vein open) infusion when the normal infusion stopped.
(5) Alarm and Warns: When something abnormal occurs, the pump can give out alarming and warning information such as AC power failure, battery low, near empty of the syringe, empty of the syringe /occlusion, end of infusion, Syringe disengaged etc.
(6) Available syringe: All kinds of syringe whose standard capacity is in the standard capacity set 10ml, 20ml, 50(60) ml can be used in the pump by custom syringe
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