Sell XBOX Earphone Switch Socket DXX-018B

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The Xbox 360 Console is quite a fashionable and smart game console. You can play the best games, see the best graphics, and immerse yourself in the best gaming experience through Xbox 360. But if you want to enjoy the game competely, you need a headphone set to make you experience the endless excitement. While, the headphone set is not cheap, now, we offer you a magic product- Converter for Headphone set of Xbox360 Controller. No need to buy a expensive headphone, just plug it into your controller, then any common headphone, or earphone is compatible.

Smart design,
Compliant with any kind of earphone set
Makes you enjoy your games at lowest cost

QTY: 200 PCS
N. W: 5 KGS
G. W: 6 KGS