Sell XBZ-7XXX Flexographic Printing Inks for Plastic Pouch

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The Use of Products:
The kind of products is suitable to print various plastic pouches by printing on rubber press and light-sensitive and resin graph-plate. They are excellent printing ink for printing chemical fertilizer, feed, seed , wheat flour and food package bags.
Product Characteristics:
 Bright and lustrous color, high color-concentration, better fluidity.
 Strong-adhesive force, against bearing and rubbing-resistant.
 Clear print matter, adhere-resistant and keeping the color long.
 Print matter very well when touching them, low smell and low solution-remaining.
Types of products (high, medium and low grade)
XBZ-7321 Medium yellow XBZ-7426 Magenta XBZ-7531 Cyan XBZ-7143 Black
Note: we can offer you color matching service according to your samples and your require by our special color matcher.
The instruction of mixing thinner:
As the products are spirit solusion. And so the choice of reducing solvent should be according to humidity, drying situation and the speed of printing. We advise that clients should use our thinner in order to develop the usage of printing inks very well.
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