Sell XCR-321 High-Viscosity Resin

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Product name: XCR-321 High-Viscosity Resin

Chemical Composition:
Gum Rosin Modified Octylphenol Resins.
Technology Parameter
Apparent: Light Amber Color, Brown Solid.
Viscosity: 12000--23000 mpa. s/250 (tested by pyramid viscosimeter) .
7500--12000 mpa. s/200 (samples: sesame oil=1:2 testing after dissolving within 2500) (tested by whirl-viscosimeter) .
Acid Value: <=25mg KOH/g
Softness Point: 160-1750
N-heptane Value: >=5ml/2g.250
Characteristics of Product:
 Macroolecule weight, higher viscosity, better dissolve.
 Improving the non-scratch of ink film for printing ink after print.
Use of Product:
The resins are suitable to manufacture high grade offset oil and improve the special characteristics of high grade gloss offset printing ink.
Supply Capacity
100 tons per month
Condition of Goods
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