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The memory format used by xD cards is not well-documented. It is difficult to study it directly, since most camera devices and most USB card readers do not provide direct access to the flash memory. Since the cards are controller-less, cameras and card readers must perform wear leveling and error detection themselves, and they normally hide the portion of the memory which stores this information (among other things) from higher-level access. [16]

However, a few models of xD card readers based on the Alauda chip do allow direct access (bypassing the above mechanisms) to an xD card's flash memory; these readers have been reverse-engineered and Linux drivers have been produced by the Alauda Project, which has also documented the on-chip data structures of the xD card. According to this information, the xD card headers are similar to those used by SmartMedia, and include information on the manufacturer of the chip

In addition to outstanding reliability and storage capacity, the Type H card provides improved write speeds (up to 2x to 3x faster than previous xD cards) so photos and movies will be saved and formatted to the card quicker, meaning less time to wait between shots. Not only does the High Speed card support the exclusive Olympus Panorama option, it also features new Art Functions including 3D, oil painting, cartoon and watercolor
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