Sell XH-ZTM Series Fully Automatic Flute Laminating Machine

XH-ZTM Series Fully Automatic Flute Laminating Machine You May Also Be Interested In: automatic laminating machine corrugated cardboard flute flute laminating machine pressing part
1, automatic feeding for top sheet and bottom sheet
2, frequency-converting but no-stop of the machine, the main electrical control components adopt imported famous brand products, which ensures the electrical control system correct and stable
3, elastic front register positioning the bottom sheet does not exceed the top one the front-and-back distance between the top sheet and the bottom sheet can be adjusted.
4, suitable for laminating bottom cardboard more than 300g/m2 with top paperboard , laminating paperboard with A/B/C/D/E flute corrugated cardboard, and laminating corrugated board with corrugated board.
5, when laminating flute B corrugated cardboard and its length is more than 800mm the lengthened movable pressing part is optional. When laminating paperboard with paperboard, pre-adjustable pressing part is optional.