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XMIND 2007 is a global leading visual thinking tool software, with a clean and friendly user interface. It helps people catch their creative thoughts flashing through their mind and turn them into guide lines of their activities. It's engaged in becoming the best assistant for work-planners and managers!

XMIND Functions
Catching ideas

XMIND is designed with a frindly graphical user interface and high interactivity and usability. By effective shortcuts, people can create a "Central Topic" in the center of the canvas and then some "Main Topics" radially, each of which may contain a series of recursive "Sub Topics". That helps people visualize their flashing ideas in an instant, illustrate and analyse the Central Topic from every aspect, and finally achieve a mind map with clear logical relationships.

Enriching contents

XMIND helps people draw a detailed and pretty map in one minute by connections between topics in senior and junior levels, highlighted shapes, relationship lines and customizable icon markers. XMIND also provides abundant expressions and layouts that make it no effort for people to make the map the blueprint of their actions, the program of their tasks or the outline of their meetings, so that a new office work revolution will be realized as "What You Think Is What You Get".

Sharing your work

XMIND provides a perfect sharing and issuance mechanism that help people export a map file to Bitmap / Adobe PDF / MS Word / MS PowerPoint. . . In the near future, ODF file protocol will be supported, and the collaboration among different office softwares will be achieved, which will make people get rid of monotonous documents and focus more on the ideas and solution itself.