Sell XN-13 Nickel Chemical Plating Technology

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XN-13 Nickel Chemical Plating Technology
XN-131 Nickel Chemical Plating Technology is a Nickel-Phosphor alloy acid chemical plating technology its characteristics included rapid deposition rate, stable bath, low operation temperature, long life of use high bonding force of the plating, high corrosion resistance bright and very white of the plating, the phosphor content of the plating is 8-11% optional load of the bath is 0.8 ~ 1.2 dm2/L.
The Formations and Operation Conditions:
Bath preparate (preparate 1L of the bath)
XN-131 concentrate 200 ml
XN-132 200 ml
XN-133 200 ml
Add deionized water 1000ml
Plating temperature 75 ~ 850
PH 4.4 ~ 4.8
Deposition rate 12 ~ 15 5m/h
This technology ic consist of three concentrate when preparate the bath use XN-131, XN-132 and XN-133 200ml respectively, mix to uniform, then add deionized water (pure water) dilute up to 1L, again use 20% NaOH adjust PH to normal range, namely working bath when replenish the bath, equally replenish XN-131, XN-132, the adding amount of XN-132 is 20% the normal range the bath appeared turbid, add small port of XN-132 concentrate to adjust, the bath became normal.
Note Items:
1. When production, the bath need continually filter, use 55m or 105m Zinc chloride.
2. When plating temperature hold in range of 820120 it's results is better. It is recommended that use the thermostatic controller, can't use the metallic heating rod, generally use the quartz, heating rod to heat the bath.
3. Small parts use barrel plating when start the barrel rotate slowly, generally, the rotation speed is 3 ~ 5 Rat/Min, to ensure the thickness and roughness of the plating.
4. According to the thickness and the area of the plating need analysis main compositions of the bath in proper time and periodic and replenishes the concentrate in time according to analytical results and operation experiments to maintain the bath to better conditions.
5. Not curry metallic ion into the concentrate or working bath.
Note: this specification is based on our company expirement and informations for reference only

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