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Product Use
The product applies to the single color or metal decorating machine or common stone lighography machine to print the label of high tempeature-resistant and disinfect and some kinds of decorative printing packaging product, such as:pots, tins, cans, toy and battery.
Product Characteristics
XP series metal decorating ink own these characteristics of vivid color, high color concentrate, excellent printability and gloss, fast drying, hot-resistant, stem disinfect-resistant, high thermal-resistant stability, excellent adherence and ensuring printing design without shelling on machanical pressing.
Application Guide
Using directly without any additive.
Adjusting drying quality and printability with drying oil, but do not use much, or will make printing trouble and inferior product.
Adjusting the thickness with solvent such as XP-062 ink compound and gasoline, but the kerosene is forbidden.
Color Types
XP-041 magenta XP-047 lemon yellow XP-042 cyan XP-048 scarlet red XP-043 medium yellow XP-049 orange yellow XP-044 black XP-050 light yellow
XP-045 fluorescent red
XP-046 trans light yellow
XP-051 national-defence green
XP-052 deep blue
XP-053 bottle-cap bond
XP-054 peafowl blue
XP-055 medium blue
XP-056 royal blue
XP-012 reducer
XP-062 ink compound
XP-098 overprinting varnish

quality guarantee period
Three years
To customers
Inks of xiangchuan series have excellent adaptability, but properties maybe changed with different printing conditions, printing stocks, post-printing conditions and the physical and chemical properties of press product. Our company proposes that customers use inks after test. The above data is only for reference.
Quality guarantee period: three years, usable with eligible quality after this period
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
1000 tons per month
Condition of Goods
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