Sell XPS foam board

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1) XPS Foam board is the short name of extruded polystyrene foam board
2) Color: Light yellow, blue, pink (flexible) , other colors can be for your requested
3) The normal density of xps foamed board is 35kg/m3 or so, any other density customer requested, it is also ok.
4) The max dimensions: 6000*1200*100mm, the size according to the customer's demand.
5) Most constrcution project must use it and to make enegry-saving.
6) This kind of foam sheet is of good structure of continuous surface and beehive structure.
7) Applications: Xps board are mostly used as the insulation board of the house, cold storage room, it also can be used as the core of sandwich panel.
8) We have fireproof and ordinary XPS, please let me know which kind of you need.

Thickness: 10-100mm (flexible)
Width: 600~1200mm (flexible)
Length: 900~3000mm (flexible)
Compressive Strength: >=150Kpa
Density: 28-50kg/m3
Thermal Conductivity: <=0.029 W/(m. K) (25 centi degree)
Dimensional stability: Maximum 1.5%
Water Absorbability: <=1.00%
Moisture Permeability: <=2.0
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