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XPS insulation board is extruded polystyrene insulation material with high density. It has smooth surface through extrusion, and has completely closed cell inside. This kind of material has excellent heat insulate performance, high moisture resistance, lightweight, excellent compressive strengths, and anticorrosion. This is ideally use for the construction industry.
XPS insulation board has 99%closed cell rate. As a result for high heat resistance, low expand rate and low thermo conductivity. The heat insulation effect of 25mm thick XPS board is superior than 120mm thick concrete perlite. It is usually used in apartments, high-rise buildings, workshop, cold storage warehouse etc for heat insulation. Compare XPS with ESP, ESP is bigger in cells and looser in structure.

1. Applications to concrete roofing insulation and Armor plate roofing insulation
Inversion insulation roofing is the best choice of parking roof. We usually pave XPS insulation boards on the waterproof layer as the thermal insulation layer. As the result, XPS insulation boards can protect waterproof layer form temperature, ultraviolet radiation and outside force. XPS insulation boards can save your cost from install exhaust system as the thermal insulation layer.
2. Foundation insulation
Foundation insulation and frost protection for streets and railways special XPS are used to prevent roads, railways and runways from frost. A similar effect can be achieved for laying the bedding under the road bed of the highway for controlling the frost heaving of the ground.
3. Filler of suspended laying flooring
XPS boards are widely used for laying the bedding under the floor for the function of heat insulation, damp proof and sound insulation.
4. Perennial or provisional concrete forming

Fire reatardant
XPS is comprised of import polyethylene and manufactured through a special plastic extrusion process. The boards have a stable chemical performance. XPS is environmental friendly. It is produced by environmental material, and generates no harmful gas, the leftover material can be reuse, will not be decompose and mildew, anticorrosion.

High quality environmental products.
We can produce XPS with nonflammable function as per customer inquirements. It applicable in manufactory, gymnasium, business center, and exhibithion center for the function of nonflammable.

Light and convenient insulating material
XPS boards are almost 100% closed cell. It has well-proportioned close honeycomb structure for density>=35kg/m3 is ideally use for moistuerproof. This material is light, easy for transport, easy for cutting and shaping.
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