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Subject:XS the New No Carbs!! No Sugar!!
Energy Drink

XS !! This is an energy drink just like RED BULL however this drink has no sugar, only fortified with vitamins and gives a lot of energy for day to day use and preventing tiredness and exhaustion.

Product Description: The XS Advantage Mental Boost/Physical BoostAdaptogenic Herbs Adaptogenic Herbs are arguably the most important Herbal Supplements in the world. Ability to:Enhance the body and minds capacity to adapt optimally and accurately to changes in the environment. Increase endurance Reduce fatigue Stimulate the immune system Build the body resistance to non-specific stresses such as chemicals in the environment, overwork, poor diet, and emotional factors Boost immunity by supporting and balancing the endocrine(glandular) system Support adrenal functions Help cells to use oxygen more efficiently Increase cellular respiration Stimulate a specific white blood cell called a macrophage which eats up or destroys pathogens in the blood and is our first line of defense Stimulating this aspect of our immune system protects us from colds flu and other types of infectionsHere are the Adaptogenic Herbs in the XS Energy DrinkPanax Quinque folium Medicinal uses ranging from cancer fight.

The market prefers XS to any other energy drink, because it tastes great, offers 6 flavors, and is no sugar, no curbs with nutritional herbs and vitamins B. If you want to make the investment in marketing and distributing the product in your country, then we will sell it to you at the lowest entry-level price. The minimum order is container load. Our product is the premier brand, and it's important to realize that cheaper is not better. The product needs to be positioned as the best, because it is, and it therefore has the highest price. Please let us know when you want to proceed, so we can forecast your order into our production. 3.5 containers.

Please make sure that you will use the quality and the health specifics that do not compare with any other product. Customers and consumers will have a health benefit with our drink. This is very important information that you must share with your clients. Marketing best quality and natural products become easy when all consumers will know the benefit of drinking our products.

If you want to buy retail, you price much higher per case plus shipping. Retail purchase US destination shipping only. 12 cans/case.

For International Importers:

XS Energy Drink, the Number 2 Energy Drink in USA! We are open to qualified international distributors, preferably with experience in distribution of food/beverages. The price structure is FOB USA and enables the distributor to be responsible for importing and all in-country promotion, sampling, and advertising.

Tamoi Thompson
Bciinternational Inc.
Brand Name
XS Energy Drink
Supply Capacity
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
12 8.4 oz cans
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
45 days days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
10000 cases
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight
Terms of Sale
FOB United States
6.3 lbs per case