Sell XSJ-L Lower water-cooled PP Film Blowing Machine

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1) XSJ-L series lower water-cooled film blowing machine employs lower blowing and self-overflowing method to produce products. It is applicable to LLDPE, MLLDPE, LDPE, EVA, PA and adhesive etc to produce various kinds of packing film with multi-layer extrusion.
2) The machine features with high transparency, good plasticization, excellent physic and printing performance, high output and low energy consumption.
3) The extrusion system of the machine and the plasticization of the machine head have met the international advanced standard.
4) Additionally, there are many types of equipment such as rotary machine head, static elimination and fully-automatic precise temperature control available for your choice. It is the ideal packing material for food, garment and other high grade products.
5) Dispose various functional elements on the spot according to the selection of consumer
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