Sell XTJ-B23 Explosionproof Interior Floodlight

XTJ-B23 Explosionproof Interior Floodlight
can be widely used as a lighting fixture in explosive and flammable locations, roadways, operations areas and construction plants indoors or outdoors.
As a luminaire of flameproof type, it can be safely and reliably used in various explosive and flammable locations.
/By using high-efficiency MH-HID lamp as the light source, it has a high luminous efficiency. Its average working life is up to 10000 hours.
/The enclosure is made of alnico material With application of up to date paint spray technology, the luminaire surface has no color change and is corrosion resistant,
/By using an import high quality aluminium reverberation material so that the luminaire has a high intensity. The transparent article part made of special heat resistant tempered glass makes the heat dissipating space and impact thus the lamp working better
/The luminaire is light and small. Various mounting modes, including pendant mount, wall mount, ceiling mount and pole mount, are available for easy operation.

explosionproof marking:Exd IIC T4
Degree of protective enclosure; IP65
Degree of anticorrosion: WF2
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