Sell XY-1 drilling rig (drilling machine)

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XY-1 Drilling Rig ( Drilling Machine)

xy-1 water well Drilling Rig ( Drilling Machine) is a multi-purpose drilling rig suitable for high-speed drilling engineering in complex rock formation. CHANGTAN serial drilling rigs covers all the main foundation and drilling technologies with a range of models whose characteristics, capability and performance find application in every operating condition.


1. Drilling construction for high-rise building, highway, railway, bridge, port, harbor work, dam and tunnel;

2. Small-diameter hole foundation piling drilling;

3. Solid mineral exploration;

4. Anchoring engineering for battered slope;

5. Geothermal pipe-installing for heat pump.

Features of xy-1 water well Drilling Rig ( Drilling Machine)

1. Function of rotary percussive drilling;

2. Wide range for the great angled drill holes from surface and angles in underground drill holes;

3. Easy disassembling for transportation to most inaccessible areas.

4. Good stability and high reliability.

Technical Specification of xy-1 water well Drilling Rig ( Drilling Machine)

Basic Parameters

Drilling Depth 100 180 m

Drilling Hole Diameter 75 46 mm

Drill Pipe Diameter 42mm

Gross Weight Of Drilling Machine 350kg

Dimension L*W*H 1770*1050*1150 mm

Revolving Plate

Ratate Speed
140 305 480 1050 r/min

Maximum Torque 550 N*m

Maximum Cylider Driving Force 20,000N

Maximum Cylider Lifting Force 30,000N


Lifting Capacity Single Pipe, Low Speed

Bobbin Line Speed
0.4 0.87 1.48 3.23 m/s

Rope Diameter 9.3 mm

rope capacity 18 m


Staircase Steel Pipe Quadripod

height 5.9 m

drive motor
type ZS1100 Diesel

rated power 11 kw (15HP)

weight 150kg
Supply Capacity
100 SETS
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
25 days
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment