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Active nozzles: 128/200
Print swathe width: 17.2mm

Nozzle pitch: 137.3um

Nozzle density: 185npi

Drop velocity: 6m/s

Printhead weight: 22g

Dimensions (W*D*H) : 45*43*11.8mm

Drop volume: 80/50/35pl

Typical firing: 5.2/7.5/9kHZ

A solid all round performer: It? when a reliable, flexible and cost-effective solution is called for that the Xaar 128 comes into ints own. The Xaar 128 is optimised to print a wide wariesty of inks onto a broad range of substrates, opening up new and exciting possiblilities for the application of inkjet by enabling OEMs and print houses to run a full material portfolio. The Xaar 128 is exceptional value, delivering versatility and consistency to open up a realm of possiblities for the application of inkjet technology. And with its unique internal surge control mechanism, the Xaar 128 is effective in maintaining drop size uniformaity and drop placement accuracy to ensure maximum print quality every time.

Applications: The Xaar 128 is ideal for the production of an extensive array of wide-format graphics, UV-specialist graphics and coding and marking applications. Truly versatile, the printhead meets diverse customer reuirements and offers a robust and quality driven printhead for outdoor signs and outer-case printing.

Performace: the Xaar 128 has an internal surge contrl mechanism to ensure consistent drop size, which results in excellent image quality. With programmable electronics, the Xaat 128 also offers advanced control logic fuctions to enable better tuning and contrl of different ink characteristics to streamline the printing process, resulting in optimised ink performance and print quality.

Light weight: The Xaar 128 brings real commerical benefits to the developer. Built with an extremely light aluminium chassis, the Xaar 128 offers cost and speed advantages in print engine design, as the print machines are driving a significantly lighter pritnhead carriage.

Integration and maintenance: Easy to set up and use, the Xaar 128 has a solid chassis with unique mounting brackets and built-in alignment features, making it simple to mechanically mount and integrate. To further redce set up time, and maximise operational efficiencies, the Xaar 128 contains inlet and outlet ports which simplify filling and flushing.
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