Sell Xanthan Gum food grade

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7Appearance: off-white or light yellow free flowing powder
7PH 1% solution: 6.0-8.0.
7Moisture: 13% max,
7Ashes: 13% max,
7Salmonella: absent/25g.
7Pyruvic acid:1.5% min,
7viscosity 1% solution in 1% KCL:1200-1600cps.
7E. coli:absent/25g.
7Lead: 5ppm max,
7Arsenic: 3ppm max,
7Heavy Metal: 20ppm max,
7Total Plate Count: not more than 2000cfu/g
7Yeast/mould: not more than 100cfu/g
7Particle size: 100% through 60 mesh(250micron)
7Particle size: 95% min through 80 mesh(180micron)
7Packing: 25kgs paper bag, with inner bag.
7Palletized and shrink wrapped.
720-25MT in one 20FCL.