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Main Usages :

(1) Food Grade(FCCIV , GB13886-92)

Xanthan Gum can be widely used as a salt/acid resistant thickner. It is a highly efficient suspension agent and emulsifier. It is also a high viscosity filling agent that can be used in various food and beverage products, not only to enhance the performance of water-keeping and shape-keeping, but also to improve the freezeing/thawing stability and taste of food and beverage products. Furthermore, it can extend the shelf life of many products, simplify the filling and sterilization during the course of production, and lower production cost increasingprofit.

(2) Industry Grade (GB13886-92)

xanthan gum acts as a thickner and stabilizer, and can be applied to many industrial fields, such as pesticides, feedstuff, porrery and porcelain printing and dyeing, paint and dope, paper-making, minextraction, etc. it can prolong product life, and increase the sticking and oxidation resistance properties. Furthermore it can reduce the consumption of other materials and make the products color clear, right and clean.

(3) Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemical Grade(FCCIV , FAO)

xanthan gum can be used as a thickner and stabilizer in liquid or ointment medicine, cosmetics, oral care products, household lotion , Light consumption (0.1-0.2%) of xanthan gum can brign magic effectiveness , such as household lotion. Light consumption (0.1-0.2%) of xanthan gum can improve ointment-delamination, and it is convenient for feeling and extrusion, helping products dispersion and absorbability increasing the wet-keeping & film-forming ability , extending the painting effect , and so on

(4) Oil Driling & Exploitation Grade(GB13886-92)

xanthan gum is an environmentally friendly and highly efficient mud additive , it has an excellent tolerance to the changes of tempreture , acid , alkali and salt , meanwhile , it can extremely increase the products penetrating ability and suspending performa to small solid materials , and reduce the pressure loss during drilling . this kind of xanthan gum can not only fasten the well bore, but decrease the damage to oil formation , it can also greatly raise the efficiency of drilling , repair and completion as a biotype oil driver , it can also improve oil extraction rate and utilization factor of natural resource , the most important point is that it can furthest protect natural enviroment
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