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Xbox 360 is the future of entertainment. With the most stunning games, powerful technology, and intelligent services, Xbox 360 puts you at the center of your entertainment experience.
Connect and express. Collaborate and compete.

Play the most compelling games. Watch DVD movies. Enjoy digital music, photos, and videos in an integrated entertainment system.

Xbox 360 also opens the door to incredible new high-definition entertainment. Experience Xbox 360 games in HD. Stream HD television and movies straight from your Windows Media Center Edition PC to your Xbox 360

Xbox 360 The Xbox 360 Core System is everything you need to hit the ground running. Plug in the console and the controller and you're playing. Then decide what extras you add and whenit's expandable to the full Xbox 360 experience.
Includes Xbox 360 wired controller
Includes Xbox 360 Composite AV Cables
The console itself, which not only plays games in high definition (HD) with 720p/1080i output and full surround sound, but can stream digital photos and music from your Windows XP or Windows Media Center Edition 2005 PC
With its built-in Ethernet port and a free level of the online service, Xbox 360 instantly connects you to Xbox Live.
Every Xbox 360 owner is a Silver subscriberjust plug the Ethernet cable into your existing broadband connection and join a global community of more than two million members. Set up a Gamer Profile, visit the Xbox Live Marketplace, even send voice messagesand that's just the beginning. Upgrade to Xbox Live Gold service and experience multiplayer games and tournaments, intelligent matchmaking, voice communication via the Xbox 360 Headset, and much more.
Xbox Live
Games. Entertainment. Community. Information. Innovation. The best just got better.

Enter a world where gamers across the globe come to play anyone and everyone, anytime  anywhere. Xbox Live is the next evolution, the future of gaming and entertainment.

Plug your Xbox 360 into your broadband connection, and you're on. Always.
Build your profile, your gamer card. Show your face  or don't.
Talk to friends across the globe through voice or video.
Download character skins, premium levels, and more in the Xbox Live Marketplace.
Play who you want with Intelligent Matchmaking.
Tune into spectator mode to see your friends in action.
Digital Entertainment
Xbox 360 is an integrated music, picture, games, and movie center.

Use the camera to video chat or send video messages to friends across the globe via Xbox Live.
Stream recorded television, videos, movies, music, and photos from your Windows XP Media Center PC straight to your Xbox 360. Enjoy all your digital entertainment on demand throughout your home with one integrated system.
Play progressive-scan DVD movies right out of the box.
Connect your portable music device to enjoy your favorite music while playing a game or chatting with friends online.
Receive game invites from friends while playing games, watching movies, or listening to music.
Enjoy and share your digital photos with friends and family.
Keep in touch with instant messaging via Windows Messenger and Xbox Live.
Get one-button access to the Xbox Guide, an entertainment gateway that instantly connects players to the Xbox 360 experience: your games, your friends, your music.
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