Sell Xbox Duox2 Chip for V1.0-1.6B

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Xbox Duox2 Chip for V1.0-1.6B

One chip for v1-v1.6B Xbox
- Very easy to disable mod for Xbox Live
- LED blinks when it is in operation
- Dual bios feature ( 2 x 512KB)
- 9 solder points + 2 wire Installation or LPC port rebuild + 2 wire
- Plays original imports
- Plays Backups of originals
- Plays unsigned code
- Run Debug Executables
- No-patch hack 1
- No-patch hack 2
- IGR (dependent on bank selected)
- Eject trick hack
- DVD Reset
- EvoX HDD Patch
- Support for HDD greater than 137+gigs. (F + G drive)
- Auto detect EvoX Dashboard