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Long Jing tea is one of China's most traditional and most famous green tea. The tea has a long history of more than 1000 years. Its earliest record may be found in the book named "Cha Jing", the first book on tea in the world, written by the Chinese expert of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) , Lu Yu. This green tea has been long favored by Chinas many emperors. It was the tea served to Mao Zedong and Richard Nixon during their famous meeting. The name of LongJing is spoken with respect. Xi Hu Long Jing( Dragon Well) we supply is hand-picked in Xi Hu and refined more than10 traditional techniques. It has a jade-colored liquor; a distinctive toasted high aroma and sword-shaped beautiful homogeneous leaves with a mouthful of chestnut-like flavor.

Brewing guide: To brew the tea, take 3-5g a cup or 5-8g for a teapot. Brew two or three times with steeps of 1 minute or less. The water temperature shall be 75--85'c degrees.

Storage: Care shall be taken to avoid sunlight and storing in damp and high temperature places.
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