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The Xiom 1000 system consists of a spray gun, powder feeder and control console. It can be used anywhere compressed air is available. The control console controls the flow of propane, oxygen and compressed air, as well as the delivery of the coating material. The gun, which permits uses to start and stop the spraying process, diffuses the gases, forming a perfect flame.  The flame heats the Xiom coatings to their melting point and sprays them onto a surface. The melted plastic then forms a chemical bond with that surface and hardens instantly. And the systems ease of operation means that anyone can learn to use it in a matter of hours.
Xioms coatings line comes in many colors and has a large number of uses. In addition to providing weatherproofing, the coatings can be used to encapsulate arsenic in wood, halt the growth of mold, provide for easy removable of graffiti, create non-slip surfaces and generally prolong the life of metal, glass, fiberglass, wood and concrete. You can coat virtually any surface, even cardboard and other surfaces that would incinerate in a curing oven.
Many of the powders can be configured with anti-microbial properties to reduce germs that are present on various surfaces. With the added anti-microbial, Xiom materials are ideal for surfaces that come into contact with food and drinking water. Xioms permanent glow-in-the-dark coating materials can ensure quick escape from burning buildings and nighttime visibility of road signs, pedestrians, bikers and vehicles. In addition, Xiom Corp. manufactures a line of powders for industrial release and grip coatings.
Brand Name
Xiom 1000
Condition of Goods
70 pounds