Sell Xorex (Corrugation) steel fiber

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Xorex(corrugation) steel fiber LSF38-40mm &LSF50mm
Length=38-40mm&50mm; Diameter=1.0mm
Tensile strength >750Mpa
Steel Fiber Concrete has already been used far and wide on to many fields such as road, bridge, airport runway, tunnel, gutter of mining mountain, culvert, hydro-power project, inner lining of underground construction, port and pier, ocean project, nuclear test base, rocket launch site, anti-earthquake building, municipal construction project, industrial ground, and rigid water-proof roof, etc.
(1) Comparing with common concrete and with original design conditions unchanged, the steel fiber concret can decrease the laying depth by 40%~50%.
(2) Comparing with common concrete, the concrete with addition of steel fiber can save approx. 50% basic raw material of cement and sandstone alike.
(3) Applying steel fiber concrete on to the construction of road surface, stress relief tank and water pools etc. the occurrence of shrinkage crack is promoted 11~13 times than applying common concrete.