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Arabinoxylan, belongs to non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) , is one kind of hemicelluloses. Most arabinoxylans exist widely in plant feedstuff such as wheat, rye, rice, wheat bran and rice bran) .
Xylanase is the specific degradation enzyme of xylan. Livestock and poultry can not produce sufficient xylanase in alimentary tracts. The antinutrition effects of xylan in feeds can be eliminated by adding xylanase. Moreover there are many advantages for the xylanase in feed as follow:
1. Decreasing chyme viscosity causing by xylan. Degenerating the cell walls of plant cells and releasing the more nutrients.
2. Stimulating chyme passing through intestinal tracts and enhancing the action of chyme with digestive enzyme and intestinal mucosa so that to increase digestibility and absorptivity of nutrients.
3. Inhibiting growth of anaerobic microorganism to reduce the infection of intestinal diseases.
4. Enhancing the digestibility and utilization efficiency of feeds, and increasing proportions of wheat bran, wheat middlings and other plant feedstuff, thus reducing feed costs.

Product Type
Light yellow or yellow powder, activity: 30000~200000U/g
Unit Definition
One unit is defined as the amount of the enzyme that liberate 15mol reductive sugar from xylan in one minute under the condition of 370, pH 5.0.
Use for preparation of multiple enzyme or other kinds of the enzymes.
Use for pretreatment of raw material.
Avoid solarization, drench, and airproof condition,12 months under 250