Sell Y-Fe Alloy

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Quality standard of Y-Fe Alloy:
Element Product Y-Fe-1
Lu 0.26
Yb <0.10
Tm 0.62
Er 7.09
Ho 2.34
Dy <0.10
Tb <0.10
Gd <0.10
Eu <0.10
Sm <0.10
Nd 0.22
Pr <0.10
Ce <0.10
La 0.15
Fe 33
RE 67.70
Y/RE 89.12
Specification: Metal ingot, mechanically polished, the detailed specification can be customized in size according to your request.
Packing: In sealed doubled polyethylene bags and filled with argon, the bags are packed in iron drum containing 50kgs or 100kgs net each.
Note: We also provide customized product.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
20 tons per month
Terms of Payment
L/C or T/T