Sell Y50X series Circular Electric Connector

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This product conforms to the GJB101A-98 standard, and refers to the MIL-C-26482 standard, can be cooperated with the pin and receptacle with the same type. This product is coupled by bayonet, can be quick coupled, dependable contact, small volume, good adaptation to environment and so on advantages. They are widely used in the area of aviation.

conditions of use environment
Temperature : ~ 55 0 C to 125 0 C
The relative temperature : temperature of 40 0 C 1 20 C standard 90% ~ 95%
Working Pressure : 101.33Kpa ~ 1.33pa
Vibration : vibration frequency of 10Hz ~ 2000HZ, acceleration 196m/s2
Impact : acceleration 980.7 m/s2
Collision : 392 m/s2 acceleration
Insulation resistance : under normal atmospheric conditions not less than 3000M (Ohms)
Under the conditions of high temperature not less than 500M (Ohms)
Humid conditions not less than 41 (Ohms)
Resisting strength : AC 500V
Airtightness : General socket less than 6X10 - 2Pal / s
Life expectancy : Plug 500
Implementing standards : Q/321283LSB04-1999 "Y50 series of circular connector --"
The main technical characteristics

Pin-diameter(mm) 1 1.5
Working current(A) 5 10
Material copper alloy iron alloy
contact resistance <=5 <=15 <=3 <=10

1, 5 Keys system can avoid mis-mating to ensure a correct interpolation.
2, adopt spiral keyway with clamps, which can check the plug and receptacle whether insert a right place by visually and hearing feelings.
3, three clamps installed on the surface of the receptacle (circumferential and even distributing) enter into the corresponding spiral keyways for receptacle connecting , to the bottom of the keyway, da sound of the clamp heard, suggest that plugs in the right place which ensures connector absolutely locking.