Sell YAG large scale laser cutting machine

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machine features
1. High precision: an precise cutting for various precision part, arts and crafts.
2. Fast speed: 100 times higher than linear cutting
3. Small heat affected zone, good dimension stability. Flat and handsome laser-slotted, without later process
4. High performance/price ratio: the price is only 1/8 of the similar CO2 laser cutting machine and 2/5 of the equivalent NC Punch
5. Low use cost: only %18 per hour which is 1/8-1/10 of the similar CO2 laser cutting machine(%150-180 per hour)
6. Low follow-up maintenance cost: only 1/6 of the similar CO2 laser cutting machine and 1/6 the equivalent NC Punch
7. Steady performance: as a mature laser apparatus, the YAG laser cutting machine is suitable for serial production
8. Compared with NC Punch, YAG laser cutting machine have many advantages
(1) Any complicated structure which can be drawn on the computer also can be manufactured by YAG laser cutting machine
(2) If the product image has be drawn on the computer, the product can be manufactured immediately without opening mould technology. It can be used to develop new products rapidly and reduce cost.
(3) Both plan cutting and surface trimming can be finished by automatic tracing system of YAG laser cutting machine
(4) Laser cutting machine can accomplish the complicated process which is hard to achieve by NC punch
(5) The machine can make high grade production with smooth surface, which is hard to obtained by NC punch
9. Strong ability of creating value: under normal condition, a 300 thousand yuan laser cutting machine can creat 100 thousand to 150 thousand yuan pure profit per month

YAG laser cutting machine has been widely used in manufacture billboard, sheet metal structure, high-low voltage electric cabinet, textile machinery, kitchenware, metal artware, etc.

Applicable materials:
stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, copper sheet, aluminum heet, gold, silver, titanium sheet and pipe.

Technical parameter
Model: TQL-LCY500-3015 TQL-LCY500-4515
Processing scale(lengthWwidth) : 3000mmW1500mm 4500mmW1500mm
Cutting thickness 0.2mm-6mm (carbon steel) 0.2mm-6mm
Max. output power 500W 500W
Laser wavelength: 1064nm 1064nm
Pulse frequency: 1--300HZ 1--300HZ
Min. linewidth: 0.15mm 0.15mm
Electrical source: 380V/50HZ/100A 380V/50HZ/100A
X, Y, Z axis geometric positioning accuracy: <=10.08mm/1000mm <=10.05mm/1000mm
X, Y, Z axis re-orientation accuracy: <=10.04mm <=10.04mm
Machinel weight: 3800kg 4200kg
Cooling mode: 5P water-cooling 5P water-cooling
Max. cutting speed: 35mm/s 35mm/s
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1 set
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