Sell YB2 3ph High-voltage Explosion-proof Induction Motor

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YB2 series have much more outstanding features, such as advanced flameproof construction, safty and reliability in use besides advantages of high efficiency, large torque, low temperature rise; Low vibration, etc.

This series adopts class F insulation (treated as class B) ; IP55 degree of protection and IC411 method of cooling, the duty type is continuous S1.

YB2 series are suitable for fixing equipments in underground coal mines, where methane and coal dust classified in Groups exist. They are also suitable for general driving purpose in other industries, where explosive mixtures classified in Groups IIA, IIB and temp classes T1, T2, T3, T4 exist.

Product Description
Applications: For use on fans, blowers, pumps, compressors, machine tools, and other equipment installed in hazardous environments(explosive atmosphere) .

*Frame size: H355-560mm
*Output: 160-1600kW
*Rated Volt. : 3/6/10kV
*Ex class: ExdIIAt4, ExdIIBT4, ExdeIIAT4, ExdeIIBT4
*Class F Insulation
*IP54/IP55 protection degree
*Cooling method: IC411

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