Sell YFT-A type welding valve hydraulic test desk

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YFT-A type welding valve hydraulic test desk is the top-pressure valve inspection equipment designed and manufactured by our company on the basis of many years experience of valve inspection equipment manufacture, to meet the requirements of valve manufacture and valve users to perform inspection test of non-flange type <J61, J63, Z61> valves and all kinds of flange type valves on one machine, complying with the standard requirements in <Pressure test of universal valve> and <Test and inspection of valve>. The machine integrates hydraulic, electromechanical, pressure testing and hydraulic medium storage and circulated usage. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, completed function, easy operation and etc, is widely used in the intensity and sealing performance tests of all kinds of high, medium and low pressure valve with nominal diameter DN15-800mm. The maximum pressure for sealing test is 32.0Mpa, for intensity test is 48.0Mpa.