Sell YFT-T type butterfly valve test set

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YFT-T type butterfly valve test set is the testing equipment exclusively for butterfly valve performance test. The machine integrates the mechanical, electric, hydraulic and hydrodynamic pressure feed device circulating water system. The clamp claws of the test desk realize the test by clamping the butterfly valve through being driven by cylinder, making each claw stressed evenly and reliably. The function of moving towards radial direction of the clamp claw adopts cylinder and connecting rod level to realize the synchronous movement, ensuring the tests of butterfly valve of different nominal diameter. When test on sealing, clamp the flange of the butterfly valve with flange, clamping the butterfly valve surface can test the butterfly valve without flange. The machine can directly observe whether there is leakage or bubbling in the cavity of the butterfly valve. If testing on intensity, cover the sealing blank plate. Torque test and test of open and close in 90: of the electric device can be performed on the machine. The machine is provided with hydraulic water-supply pump. The medium can be stored used circularly. When using clean water, it should add antirust to prevent the valve rust after test and influence the using performance of the hydraulic pressure-feeding device.