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YH-918 Wireless Calling System

YH-918 do not need to be connected by any wire or cable, signal being transmitted by electric wave.
Suitable for transfusion hall, coffee bar, small size hospitals, KTV cabin, etc. , signal transmitting distance depends on buildings inner structure, may reach 500-800meters in open space. If transmitting distance being restricted by building inner structure, you may adopt signal repeater to strengthen signal expand transmitting distance.

YH-918 has following features:
System component: Master Unit, Wireless Call Buttons, Wireless Signal Repeater, signal repeater only be used in case of long distance transmitting (over40meters for instance) , to strengthen signals.
Master unit capacity: One master unit may collocate up to 99 call buttons, each call button has a setting switch to set its own serial number (1-99) .
Master unit displayer: Calling signal being displayed by digital transistors, the number of signal being displayed is subject to the type of master unit. Type A display only one signal at one time, Type B 3 signals, Type C 12 signals respectively.
Ring modulating: 3type of indicating ring can be choose, you may choose your preference by modulating the switch.
Volume modulating: Indicating ring volume is can be modulated to suit different working places.
Display continuance: When signal being received, it will last out for a certain period (5,10,15,20seconds) before disappearing. Continuance period can be modulated by switch.
Prevent frequencies mix: 32channels (com port, set by switch) being applied to both master unit and call buttons, only same frequency device can be collocated, signals can be only received by same frequency master unit, thus to ensure multi master units (different frequency) can be applied at the same working place and receive signals of different frequency.
Operation Procedure: Press the call button slightly, the master unit will ring to remind nurse and at the same time displays users serial number; the displaying will last out for certain period before disappearing.
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