Sell YJ989-9 hydraulic cold press machine

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This Machine is widely used in furniture production, the modern popular solid wood furniture production plants plate, audio works, wood works, decoration companies, advertising agencies, plastics industry, Flat plywood, plywood, particleboard, wood plat plant and other types of molded parts manufacturing plant .

This Machine with super-pressure automatic control circuit and the protection of the pressure off the oil. When the oil off, automatic shutdown, the machine may be waived after the pressure is too large and can not rise up, resulting in phenomena such as electrical burn. The use of this machine will greatly enhance the user's product quality, while the smooth surface of the machine work, simple operation, easy to use

Max press(kg) :50T
Work size(mm) :2500*1250
Take-off and landing speed(mm/mm) :1000
Power(kw) :4-5.5
Work size(mm) :3000*1250*3300
Weight (kg) :3000
Effective work space pressure(mm)1000/1300