Sell YK523 hole cutting machine

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YK523 ( also named SYQ-6 ) hole cutting machine is one of the stone processing machines. It is mainly used for cutting ellipse or round hole of slab. It is very easy to operate. We have improved the efficiency and quality of processing, especially for mass producing.


(1) ( also named SYQ-6 ) Blade axis (blade or grinding wheel) REV
6400 r/ min (125mm blade= 42m/s)
(2) Mainly axis REV 0.71.4 r / min
(3) Hole cutting max diameter
ellipse model long / short R a, b <= 290mm
round model max hole diameter <= 580mm
P. S: although this machine can adjust the size by slider and ellipse model , but if changed the shape, user must change the model as well.
(4) worktable size 1200*780mm
(5) capacity 2.02KW
(6) blade axis center line to worktable space size
MAX 340mm
MIN 0mm
(7) blade axis turning degree 250
(8) blade hold size 22.2mm
(9) blade type continuous type
(10) model hole size 100 mm
(11) machine outsize L1230mm*W1200mm*H1830mm