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YKMA Series Printer Slotter(Die-cutter) , This equipment provides automatic feeding,1-4 color printing, scoring, slotting(die-cutting) , cutting comer, and cutting hand-hole. It is widely used in single, double and triple wall corrugated board case forming. Suction-assisted kicker feed. Manual adjustment except for motorized adjustment of longitudinal register of printing cylinder and slotting shaft. It is economical product, providing easier operation and maintenance.
Feeding unit.
1. Suction assisted kicker feed, with adjustable weind force according to sheet size and warp degree to ensure smooth feed.
2. Manual adjustment of side-baffles, kicker and back baffle.
3. Manual adjustment of fore baffle feeding gap.
4. Lightweight aluminum alloy kicker. ensure smooth feed.
5. Wearable rubber wrapped upper feeding roll. Engraved and chrome-plated lower feeding roll. Manual feeding gap adjustment with graduated dial indication.
6. Motorized frame opening and closing.
Slotting unit
1. Manual scoring depth and slotting gap adjustment with graduated dial indication.
2. Gear rack mechanism for manual transverse positioning of the slotting carriage and scoring carriage.
3. Alloy steel, induction hardened, surface ground, and saw-tooth slotting blade features sharp blade edge and high precision.
4. Planet gearing mechanism for 3600 slotting register adjustment in running or stopping state.
5. Manual case height adjustment.
Printing unit
1. Plate-hitching device makes plate change easy with footswitch control.
2. Cooperating with the feeding unit, the pneumatic loading device of anilox roll enables perfectinking(When feeding, anilox roll will engage with printing plate; once stopping feeding, anilox roll will disengage with printing plate) .
3.3600 motorized printing register adjustment in running or stopping state.
4. High precision, chrome-plated, and engraved wearable anilox roll.
5. The rubber roll is of wearable rubber wrapped steel roll, fine ground with crown, ensuring perfectink transfer.
6. Manual axial adjustment of printing cylinder in 110mm.
7. Gap between feeding rolls, impression roll and printing cylinder, anilox roll and printing cylinder, anilox roll and rubber roll are all manually adjusted with graduated dial display.
Die-cutting unit
1.3600 motorized register adjustment of die-cutting roll.
2.40mm reciprocating sideways movement of anvil roll
3. Motorized gap adjustment between anvil roll anvil roll and die-cutting roll.
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