Sell YM-IPolyurethane waterproof Coating with High Elasticity

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Brand: Yu Hong Model: Double Component
Specification: 35kg/group Technical standard: GB/T 19250-2003
Characteristic: Model YM-1(Anti-moisture) high elastic polyurethane waterproof coating, an outstanding one among the similar products, is an enviroment favorable and non-solvent painting material with the character of high elasticity, strong bonding and aging resistance. The main feature is that is can be applied directly on wet bases without swell or peeling. The two groups of A and B materials should be mixed in proportion when in need, and stir the mixture for 3-5 minutes. After that , the painting is able to be carried out with iron scrapers. Generally, the with is about 1.0-1.1mm after scraping once. In this way, it is more economical compared to the overlaborate painting up to required width for ordinary solvent polyurethane coating, and more materials will be saved and construction period will be shortend